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Need Answers to Some of Your Pet Problems?

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Training Questions

Q. How do bark control collars work?

A. Bark Control Collars are safe, effective training aids that help you to control your dog's unwanted barking behavior. Some Bark Control Collars pick up the vibrations from your dog's vocal chords as it barks. Other bark collars are activated by your pet's barking noises. The collars' training action, depending on the collar, is a light electronic signal, a spray, or a sound. If your dog continues to bark, the collar sends more corrective signals. Your dog will quickly learn to avoid the bark collar's signals by stopping the annoying or 'bad' barking.

Q. Do the collars harm the dog in any way?

A. Absolutely not! The static shock stimuli are annoying and unpleasant without being harmful. Think of the static shock that you get when touching a wall after walking across a carpet -- it's startling, and annoying, but not harmful. The same can be said for the noise and spray corrections.

Q. Can bark control collars be used with all dogs and breeds?

A. Yes! Any nuisance barker is a candidate for the bark control collar.

Q. How big must a dog be to train with a bark collar?

A. Your dog should weigh at least 7 pounds (except for the BC200 by Innotek - can be used on dogs as little as 3lbs). Most dogs should be at least 6 months old. If your dog has already been trained to respond to some commands, it's all right to start using the bark collars.

Q. How long does it take to get the dog trained against barking?

A. Every dog has its own personality, and the amount of training required varies accordingly. Most dogs will be trained in a few sessions.

Q. Do the collars stop ALL barking, or only 'bad' barking?

A. The collar will teach your dog not to nuisance bark when he is wearing the bark collar vs. stop your dog from barking only when it's wearing the bark control collar.

Q. Should my dog always wear the bark control collar?

A. No. Don't keep the collar on your dog for more than 8 hours.

Q. After my dog is trained, will it still need to wear the bark control collar?

A. No. Your dog may need to be 'reminded' to control barking from time to time by wearing the collar again.

Q. Can I attach a leash to the bark control collar?

A. No. Always use a separate collar for a leash.

Q. What is the difference between Impi, PetSafe, Innotek and the SportDog Systems collars?

A. These are four brands of collars selected by Pet Control, because we believe in the effectiveness and reliability of all four brands, which is why we offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. Only PetSafe offers you the option of using tones or spray as the corrective action in the bark collars. Their warranty is longest, as well: Lifetime. Innotek and Impi offer a one-year warranty. If you prefer rechargeable batteries, you'll want to look at the Innotek or SportDog collars. If you have a very sensitive dog that doesn't like collars of any kind, the lighter Petsafe and Innotek collars may be preferable.

Technical Questions

Q. How do I adjust the level of correction?

A. On most Petsafe bark collars, the correction levels are progressive -- that is, they start at the lowest level, and the correction increases if your dog continues to bark. On Innotek collars, you set the level of correction. Always start with Level 1, and increase the correction level until you get a reaction from your pet -- you want just enough stimulation to get its attention when its mind is active on other things.

Q. Where can I get more batteries?

A. Most camera stores, super drug stores carry the batteries or of course from this website.

Q. Where can I get a larger collar?

A. The largest collar is 24 inches. If your dog is really thick-necked or tiny-necked, simply attach the receiver to your own dog's collar.